Namaste -13There are dozen of various types of meditation that you can do. This website is dedicated to being the best resource on the on the ways you can go about mediating. Since mediation is a personal and mental practice, there is no right or wrong way to go about doing it. With that being said this site will break down the different meditation categories and different ways that people have found works for them.

Remember that there is no “right way” of going about it.  As long as you are getting the the place that you need to in your mind that’s all that matters.

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Is your meditation practice working?

People have different ways of meditating. Some people think that you have not truly gone into a deep meditation unless you have gone off to some other place in your mind or felt like you were floating. I am here to tell you that that does not always have to be the case. You are allowed to think about other things while meditating, your mind does not have to be blank.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether your mediation practice was working.

  1. Did you forget that you were mediating? The main goal of meditation is to take your mind off of your surface awareness. This means, if you started meditation thinking about the daunting meeting that you have to attend in a few hours, but soon after you are thinking about that awesome Vacation Pack to Maui that you purchased, then you are meditating. Your mind went elsewhere. You were able to meditate your mind from the one thing that was consuming it.
  2. Did time pass quickly? If you are done with your meditation session and you realize you were meditating for a half hour but it only felt like 10 minutes, then you were in deep. When time flies by, that is a sure sign that you were meditating. It means that your mind was enjoying the subconscious more than your conscious environment during that meditative state.
  3. Did you end up in a different position than when you started? The typical meditation position starts seated, back straight, with chin up and eyes closed. If you start that way, but end up with chin tilted forward, or your back slumped, or maybe you’ve laid down, or even drooled, that is a sign you have meditated. You became so relaxed that you are unaware that your body has taken over to put you in the most comfortable position.
  4. You take a deep breath of air. If you are in a deep state of meditation, your breathing will tend to slow drastically and become shallower. For this reason, you might need to take a big gulp of air every now and then, or yawn big. You can tell you are meditating if you are some comfortable, you forget the necessity to breath, luckily, your body takes over for you at that point and reminds you to take an occasional deep breath.

Yoga retreatSo if you meditate and you are not sure if it worked, take note if any of the above took place and you can rest assured, your meditation time is time well spent. As always we prescribe all of our customers to take a vacation to start a new meditation practice. A vacation is the best way to reflect on your life and see where you should focus on in life. It makes your see what the most important things are. Just this last summer we did a 5 day yoga retreat on the island of Maui, that was amazing. We workedout a deal with the company to give you discounts on your Maui accomidations and rental cars. Just visit and give them the coupon code “Namaste” and you will get a discount.